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Fleet sustainability demands better utilisation, not just EVs

Fleet sustainability has continued to move up the corporate ladder as businesses strive to minimise CO₂ emissions and support positive environmental change.

This has triggered an upsurge in the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs), initially by consumers and more latterly by fleet owners and operators.

But shifting from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles to EVs is only one piece in the sustainability puzzle. Utilisation is another, altogether more perplexing, problem fleet managers are having to get their heads around.

All Bynx modules work together to minimise vehicle offroad time and maximise utilisation. In addition, Bynx provides a dedicated module Bynx CarPool that enables you to optimise fleet utilisation and better manage fleet assets. It does this through a central carpool administration control centre, and driver app for drivers to book available vehicles ‘on-demand’. Car and journey sharing is supported and CarPool makes it easy to apportion costs per driver, trip or cost centre and bill accordingly.

There is support for driver licence checking, telematics and route monitoring, multi-role dashboards for carpool administration and a lot more. Once you see it, you’ll want it. Get in touch for a demonstration.

Contact: Gary Jefferies

Telephone: +44 (0) 1789 471600

Email: sales@bynx.com

Copart uniquely positioned to support sustainability drive

As a global leader in online vehicle remarketing and recycling, Copart is uniquely positioned to support and deliver on the sustainability drive that is vital across the Insurance and Fleet salvage sector.

Given that Copart already supplies the majority of the UK Insurance and Accident Management sector with salvage recycling and remarketing services, our vision is to fully support the Fleet sector with a carbon-neutral approach whilst consistently delivering world-class customer service.

Understanding the critical nature and strategic importance of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), our commitment to achieving Net-Zero will reassure our customers that we are entirely aligned to the needs of the market.

Our Plan-Net-Zero strategy focuses on Copart’s four ‘sustainability quadrants’, to deliver real and lasting difference around sustainability.

We’re growing our presence in the fleet market, and given Copart’s size and scale, we’re fully aware of our sustainability responsibilities.

As part of our ‘Greenest Fleet on the Street’ initiative, we’re upgrading our 250-strong transporter fleet to deliver lower mileage, fuel consumption, and emissions. We’re committed to providing Euro VI compliancy and are reviewing everything from Carbon Literacy training for teammates, to the most sustainable fuel options.

Underwritten by formal emissions and sustainability reporting, we’re committed to transforming our operations, people, and transport, to create a sustainable future.

Contact: Nick Whalley Telephone: 07570 108 708 Email: nick.whalley@copart.com


Driver safety, efficiency and sustainability – a winning combination from DriveTech

With a comprehensive range of quality risk management services helping to keep driving communities safe, the DriveTech formula offers real sustainability support for your business. DriveTech is driven to keep people safe, and always has been. The definition of 'sustainability' covers four main aspects of protection.

Human: DriveTech helps to identify risk with your drivers. From licence checking to a range of online driver assessments to a whole host of driver interventions including coaching both online, on road or in workshops, we offer choice and benefits to continue to keep drivers safe. We even have a PULSE fleet risk health check service. Driving is a real skill for life, literally.

Social: Changes to the Highway Code provide a wake-up call to all road users to be sensible, progressive and safe, and to recognise more vulnerable road users and protect them from harm. There is a tragically large social cost to road collisions. Reducing this likelihood makes for a much more safely sustainable transport network. The social cost of road collisions is debilitating.

Economic: The annualised cost of road collisions in the UK runs into many millions of pounds. Reducing road deaths and serious injuries reduces traffic management costs, minimises disruption to traffic flow, and reduces post-collision expense (emergency response, hospitalisations and worse).

Environmental: With the increasingly rapid adoption of electric vehicles, DriveTech offers a range of EV familiarisation courses and some really beneficial online learning modules to help drivers move to more sustainable modes of personal transport.

Contact: Colin Paterson

Telephone: 01256 610907

Email: tellmemore@drivetech.co.uk


Fleet electrification

Seeing the wood for the trees

In a dynamically changing commercial EV market, it is understandable that some fleet owners are having difficulty seeing the wood for the trees. Decarbonisation objectives from the Board Room must somehow translate into the reality of van fleet electrification by 2030. Practicalities of achieving this are complex and coordination across the organisation is essential to a solution that is fit-for-purpose, operationally seamless and minimises risk and cost.

Flexible Power Systems (“FPS”) is a leader in this field – we blend software and engineering, AI, data analysis and energy market expertise into a fleet electrification solution that deals with this complexity, from planning through deployment to operations – impartially, optimally, objectively by site location. Our integrated solution uniquely addresses energy and power use, site prioritisation, vehicle and charger selection, operational and software requirements. Customer-tailored dashboards tell managers what they need to know, when they need to know it, to manage their transition choices and business operations with clarity.

We offer holistic hybrid solutions combining advanced technology like wireless charging used in our Waitrose and City of Edinburgh Council projects alongside standard wired charger solutions. The technology mix is always tailored to our customers’ needs.

FPS impartially de-risks and optimises electrification.

Contact: Michael Ayres, Managing Director

Telephone: +44 7714 513 653

Email: Michael.Ayres@flexpowerltd.com