Flexibility and choice have to be the watchwords for a successful mobility strategy for today’s fleet managers. But these goals can’t be achieved without also factoring in the all-important move towards more sustainable transport.

However, many organisations face conflicting challenges. They want to ‘do the right thing’ to meet sustainability goals, but they also need to ensure employees have access to flexible mobility solutions for the here and now.

Working with a partner like Europcar Mobility Group UK can help tackle these challenges.

Managing the transition to zero

First and foremost, Europcar has listened to its customers and taken on board their current reticence to make a wholesale switch to electric due to charging anxiety. The company is therefore on a journey to increase the share of green vehicles in its fleet each year, with the most recent addition to its commercial fleet of the LEVC VN5 supporting its goal of having more than 20% of its fleet EV, PHEV and Hybrid by the end of 2024.

Investment in vehicle charging at the Europcar network around the UK is also being ramped up. And the company is taking an innovative approach to cutting down emissions in its operations, with the use of e-bikes for drivers delivering and collecting vehicles.

Mobilising pool car fleets

Another dilemma for fleet managers is the hybrid working model which has resulted in company car parks full of pool cars sitting idle, while at the same time supply delays mean some employees are waiting months for new company cars. Europcar’s long-term rental solutions are filling the gap for many businesses as they wait for new vehicle supply. Plus its car sharing platform provides a 100% digital experience that can put a pool car fleet to work.

Businesses can choose to install the ‘tap and go’ technology into their own vehicles, using the booking platform for efficient fleet management. Or Europcar can provide the tech and the vehicles – including a choice of EV models. An all-devices App enables fleet managers to book, share and track their business fleet, in a safe and efficient way. Company drivers can also be given the ability to book their own cars when they need them and will be provided with keyless access. And fleet monitoring and reporting can be accessed via the platform, including real-time updates on bookings, vehicle utilisation and CO₂ consumption.

From grey to green

There’s another advantage to putting long-term rental and corporate car sharing to work for organisations that want to reduce their reliance on grey fleet. They can replace the dependency on employees’ own vehicles, which tend to be older than company cars and therefore more polluting. Companies can either tap into long-term rental or use a flexible corporate car share scheme to give employees access to efficient and managed mobility, fit for purpose, that’s safer for the driver and cleaner for the environment.

A true mobility partner

Europcar Mobility Group is a true mobility partner, delivering a combination of daily and long-term rental and corporate car share which helps keep staff on the road, efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably.

For the HR Manager, access to new and young vehicles gives them ‘duty of care’ peace of mind. For the finance team, long term rental without the lengthy commitments typical of leasing makes good business sense. And corporate car sharing helps optimise fleet costs as well as eliminate the often onerous servicing and maintenance needs of a regular fleet vehicle, not to mention the paperwork involved should there be the need for an insurance claim.

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