Breakdowns may be rare these days, but in an era of smart motorways without a hard shoulder, the need to be highly visible when broken down has probably never been greater.

That is the aim of the Be-Seen Screen, which will be making its CV Show debut. This simple device provides a much more visible warning than a warning triangle place some distance behind a car.

The Be-Seen Screen is a 750mm x 800mm lightweight reflective PVC sheet carrying red and yellow chevrons. It can be simply attached to the back of a vehicle using the plastic suckers in each corner. When not needed it can be rolled up and carried in a plastic pouch where it will take up minimal space. The inventor of the Be-Seen Screen Richard Edwards told VFW that he can supply the screen with any lettering required by the customer in place of “Broken Down”, including vehicle logos.


VB-Airsuspension manufactures suspension systems for Light Commercial Vehicles. Systems are supplied direct to vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket, through a network of accredited converters, bodybuilders and dealers across the UK and internationally. This is in addition to a dedicated after-sales and service network, keeping fleets running 365 days a year.

At the CV show, the company will be exhibiting suspension enhancements, including:

  • CoilSpring: Reinforced springs which enable the vehicle to return to its original ride height.
  • VB-FSD: Shock absorbers which allow for superior road holding without compromising comfort.
  • SemiAir: Installed alongside the existing suspension giving increased spring travel and ride height.
  • FullAir: Designed to offer better road handling. A fully automated system with unique features.



Petronas Lubricants International (PLI) recently launched its new Petronas Urania oil range designed for both light CVs and heavy-duty trucks. The new product will be centre stage on the Petronas stand at the CV Show. The new lubricant features the company’s Strong Tech technology. Petronas claims that the new oil extends drain intervals, minimises wear and reduces unplanned downtime.

The oil was developed at the PLI Global Research and Technology Centre in Turin and the company says that incredibly robust molecule chains lock away soot to maintain optimal viscosity and defend against wear and oxidation, extending the oil’s efficiency right up to the next drain. The Urania range is said to benefit from 20 years of PLI experience in improving fuel efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership.

This has resulted in better fuel economy, reduced emissions, enhanced reliability and extreme durability. As an example, the company says that the new Urania 5000 5W-30 oil maintains a much thinner oil fil compared with conventional 5W-30 engine oils, offering significantly reduced fuel consumption and harmful emissions.