Henry stars
for the Renault team

Major new Sky Sports ‘Va Va Voom’ campaign to highlight Renault brand throughout the Premier League season.

Thierry Henry has returned as Renault Brand Ambassador, bringing ‘Va Va Voom’ back to UK television screens for the first time since 2011.

The legendary French striker will star in a new series of TV idents, as part of Renault’s sponsorship of Premier League football on Sky Sports, to be broadcast during or around 96 live matches and non-live programming across the 2018/19 Premier League season.

Vincent Tourette, Managing Director of Renault UK, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Thierry back to Renault to lead the line in our new TV idents on Sky Sports. We’ve just enjoyed an amazing World Cup summer in which we were reminded of football’s power to bring out the best in us all, and we can’t wait to carry that on into the Premier League season with Thierry at the helm as we explore a sport that links very strongly with Renault’s ‘Passion for Life’ ethos.”

Thierry Henry, Renault Brand Ambassador

Renault and Henry share a history going back to 2002, when the then-Arsenal player signed for Renault to create the fan-favourite series of ‘Va Va Voom’ adverts. The adverts certainly left a lasting impact on the British public. In 2004, the phrase ‘Va Va Voom’ was added to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.

Thierry Henry, Renault Brand Ambassador, said: “It feels great to reignite my long-standing ‘liaison’ with Renault, especially as I’m returning to the team during its first journey into football. Having played in stadiums across the world I know first-hand the passion fans have for both life and their favourite sport. I’m looking forward to helping Renault publicly celebrate this passion over the course of the Premier League season, while injecting some ‘Va Va Voom’ back into British football.”

Thierry Henry returns to Renault as Brand Ambassador
The French ex-footballer will star in new TV idents as part of Renault’s partnership with Sky Sports. Over the course of the Premier League season, fans will have the chance to join Thierry in celebrating their passion for life.