Drive my Business goes live

Renault target start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs with site offering advice and expertise.

Renault has launched a new website,, for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs, offering advice on all aspects of running a company.

Packed full of useful articles, expert advice, business news and stories from other entrepreneurs on wheels, Drive My Business is our new one-stop-shop for business and van operators.

There are five sections on the site: My Business, My Van, FAQ, My Community and What’s New. Each offers fresh, engaging perspectives on business life and management, with plenty of features and advice.

Renault Head of Fleet Operations and Remarketing Mark Dickens said: “We are a large global organisation and although our primary objective is supplying cars and vans to our customers, the result of this is we have a lot of knowledge about how to run a business.

“In line with our consultative ethos it seemed right to try and share this knowledge with the wider business community. We hope Drive My Business will become a place where all companies and entrepreneurs can come and share best practice.”

My Business

Setting up your own business is always an adventure, especially for craftsmen and young entrepreneurs! On Drive My Business, you can learn everything you need to know about managing your company day-to-day: from creating and developing your business to insuring your commercial vehicle, getting to grips with invoicing or becoming a master of all things admin.

My Van

My van, my everything! Your commercial vehicle isn't just an essential tool of your company's success, it is also an indispensable companion for your personal and family life. So, it’s crucial to pick the one that's just right for you, choose the right accessories to customise it for your sector, and maintain it properly. Find all the answers to your questions about choosing the perfect vehicle to launch your career as a craftsman or entrepreneur.


What type of driver's licence do I need to drive a van? What is the Renault Master's engine power? Where can I park with a van? How many people can I carry? For all your questions related to Renault products and their use, our FAQ section has the answers.

My Community

Professionals are, first and foremost, driven by their passion. Discover an entire community of craftsmen and entrepreneurs who share this state of mind and, like you, are driven by their passion to outdo themselves every day. These are their stories.

What’s New

What's new in the world of commercial vehicles? What's the latest on vans? What's happening at Renault? New models, new events, new European regulations, partnerships, special features on specific models: here's all there is to know about the world of Renault Pro+!