Mopar Connect means complete control of fleet

Telematics technology can help businesses make significant savings and reduce risk

Any FCA Group customer with two or more vehicles can now make their fleet connected with a host of features offered through Mopar Connect.

Once synonymous with American muscle cars built by Chrysler, Mopar is now the brand name across FCA Group’s parts, service and customer care division.

Mopar Connect Fleet offers drivers instant support in case of emergency (crash, breakdown or theft) and easy vehicle management through digital tools accessed through desktop or smart device.

This is made possible after fitment of a telematics black box to a vehicle (this takes around one hour). The box contains a GPS module, embedded SIM card and an accelerometer.

Used correctly, telematics technology like Mopar Connect Fleet can help businesses make significant savings in areas such as fuel and insurance to offset the cost of installation and subscription. Companies that analyse the data from their fleet can also look for positive reductions in risk and increased productivity.

FCA Group started roll out of Mopar Connect back in April 2018 for retail customers, but it is now available with a specific offering for fleet customers for Fiat 500, 500X, 500L, Tipo, Panda, Qubo, Jeep Renegade, Compass, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, new Wrangler, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Giulia, Stelvio, Fiat Professional Ducato, Doblò and Fiorino and Abarth 595.

Inderpal Batth, Mopar Connect product manager, says: “Mopar Connect Fleet allows fleet managers complete control over their vehicles.

“Dependent on services chosen, Mopar Connect can track vehicle location, engine on/off times and vehicles can be geofenced, so the fleet manager receives a notification every time a vehicle is outside a designated area.”

Batth says speed limit notifications can be managed through Mopar Connect. Managers can also view distance travelled, vehicle status such as fuel level and battery, maintenance alerts like when a service is due and a visual representation of the locations of all vehicles on a map.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, fleet managers can see key indicators to help with insurance claims such as speed at time of impact, speed before impact or stopping time and acceleration.

Mopar Connect can simplify mileage claims for drivers as it also tracks distance travelled outside of working hours and refuelling date/time/quantity.

Some of this information can be viewed in the mobile app, otherwise everything is managed through a specially designed online platform that requires no software installation.

Dependent on services chosen, Mopar Connect can track vehicle location, engine on/off times and vehicles can be geofenced

Inderpal Batth, Mopar Connect

Two service packs

After a one-off installation fee priced from £322, fleet customers can choose from two service packs dependent on the level of connectivity and data they need.

Service packs can be paid for annually or monthly. The first-year costs for a service pack are subsidised due to having to buy and fit the box (see Mopar Connect Fleet pricing box out).

The basic pack lets fleet customers monitor vehicles in real time, including route and engine management. It also gives drivers access to Mopar’s my:Remote Control and my:Car app features.

Batth says: “Even on the basic package, these app features let drivers check fuel levels, mileage, tyre pressure and help find where they have parked their vehicle.

“The High service pack features everything on the Basic one but includes the my:Assistant functionality, too.”

This offers crash response, breakdown call and a stolen vehicle service.

If the vehicle detects a crash has occurred (based on a measurement of force), an operator will ring the emergency contact numbers that were set up in the registration process. If no response is detected, the operator will contact the emergency services with the location details of the vehicle.

Provided the customer has breakdown cover with FCA, the driver/fleet manager can contact an operator in the event of a breakdown, and breakdown services will be dispatched to the location.

If the vehicle is moved without the keys being present, an operator can also contact the customer/fleet manager, and check if they are aware of the vehicle movement, if not, the operator can contact the police, with the location of the vehicle. The operator can also immobilise the vehicle remotely.

In addition to this, large fleet customers who have non-FCA vehicles in their fleet, can choose to receive a raw data extract (for an additional fee), that can be imported into their own fleet management tool.

Batth says: “FCA Group customers interested in Mopar Connect Fleet can contact our dedicated business centre on 0808 168 5095.”

Mopar Connect Fleet pricing

Mopar Connect Fleet service packages


  • Real-time
  • Monitor vehicle
  • Routes
  • Engine management
  • Position
  • Usage
  • Manager users
  • Distance to service
  • Revision planning
  • Special service planning


  • Mission management
  • Distance travelled
  • Areas management
  • Report to manage fines
  • Activity
  • Fuel reporting
  • Geofencing
  • Crash reports
  • Vehicle diagnostics


Gives drivers and fleet managers the option to add three personal contacts together with three different support calls in case of accidents, breakdown or theft.


Remotely connects drivers to their vehicle. There are two different features available, Find Car, that locates a parked car via GPS, and Active Alerts that send notifications if the car leaves a predefined area. Alerts can also be set up to notify if a vehicle exceeds a defined speed limit and reminders can also be set up to remind drivers not to leave valuable items in their vehicle (reminder alerts are vehicle dependent).


Can provide drivers and fleet managers with updated information on a vehicle’s status such as fuel and battery levels, mileage, tyre pressure, and door lock status; through the app and/or the website.

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