FCA Uconnect

Uconnect is the ultimate in infotainment systems

As well as adding to the sheer pleasure of driving your FCA vehicle, the system can also give people tips and pointers about how to improve their driving skills

Uconnect is your ultimate in-car infotainment companion. It combines connected services, audio, navigation and communication into one easy-to-use device. Available across almost all Abarth, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo and Jeep vehicles, the Uconnect system offers a variety of benefits for both drivers and fleet operators.


Drivers and passengers can enjoy their favourite soundtracks during any journey thanks to a range of connectivity options including USB, Bluetooth streaming, AUX and CD. 

With Uconnect LIVE, you can create your ultimate road trip soundtrack from more than 35 million tracks on Deezer and discover music you’ll love with hand-picked recommendations. Or, access TuneIn and stream your favourite music wherever and whenever you like from a choice of 100,000 internet radio stations and four million podcasts.

When stationary, Uconnect LIVE can connect to your social networks, giving access to Facebook and Twitter at your fingertips. 

It can also keep you updated on all the latest news with Reuters. Just choose the subjects you are most interested in and listen to your personal selection of news while driving, without distraction.


Safe and legal use of your phone is available whenever you want with Uconnect. Once paired via Bluetooth your phone becomes integrated with the navigation and entertainment systems and voice commands. 

The music volume is adjusted automatically, to allow you to listen to directions and incoming calls, and restored when appropriate. Your contacts will be downloaded automatically into the Uconnect system and it can even read out your text messages and allow you to reply by voice. With voice commands+, it’s easy to call your contacts or call back the last number as you get moving.


Uconnect has teamed up with the leaders in navigation systems to ensure you know where you are, where you’re going and how long it’ll take to get there. 

Vehicles equipped with TomTom LIVE use live traffic data to suggest the routes not only on the trip distance but also on the time needed to get to the final destination. TomTom Traffic provides the most accurate information about traffic jams, roadworks and delivers a trustworthy estimated time of arrival.

The TomTom navigation system can also warn you when you are approaching a speed camera and can provide information on weather conditions along your route. 


In some vehicles, the Uconnect system goes beyond infotainment and is the integral control centre, giving the driver touchscreen command of the climate system, vehicle settings and features such as the heated seat.

The my:Car app on Uconnect LIVE helps you take care of your car. It provides a service interval indicator plus, if there is a problem or a dashboard indicator lights up, the system will also show you information from the user manual on the radio display. This information will be read aloud if the car is moving, to avoid distracting the driver.

When connected to the Uconnect LIVE my:Car smartphone app, you can see your fuel level and your tyre pressure on the go. Plus, the app saves the GPS location of where you parked, so you can always find your car.

Alfa Romeo drivers can enjoy the bespoke Alfa Performance app which allows users to collect information about their driving behaviour and acquire greater awareness of parameters, such as power delivered and torque in real time, and data about acceleration and braking. Information about G force in a turn, turbo pressure, oil temperature, wheel position and slipping will be displayed on the radio. Trip data can be saved in the system’s memory or accessed from outside the vehicle using the Uconnect LIVE app. 

Similarly, the Jeep Skills app available on selected Jeep vehicles helps you face your everyday adventures. It monitors the slope beneath your Jeep in real time and lets you see the position of your wheels and their slippage, for more direct control and improved awareness behind the wheel when facing the most challenging routes, or when you simply drive through the city.

No matter what FCA vehicle you choose, a number of functions of the Uconnect system can be safely controlled using steering wheel-mounted controls allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel for the maximum amount of time.

"Developed by FCA, eco:Drive is a tool to help people drive more efficiently, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions"


Uconnect can do more than provide infotainment services. It can also change the way you drive.

Developed by FCA, eco:Drive is a tool to help people drive more efficiently, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions. As concern over climate change continues to grow, and car makers globally are being called on to exercise even greater responsibility, eco:Drive has proved its value to drivers all over the world. 

The system works differently dependent on which version of Uconnect is fitted. Plugging a USB stick into an Uconnect-equipped vehicle’s USB port allows eco:Drive to record information about your driving style. Inserting the USB stick into a computer, it then shows how you performed, and how you can become a more efficient driver. 

The system analyses driving techniques and awards marks out of 100, providing a score on an eco:Index. This shows how efficiently you have driven based on your acceleration, deceleration, gear changes and speed. Step-by-step tutorials then help you improve the score, showing you how to perfect your driving using information from your own journeys. 

Vehicles with Uconnect LIVE have the eco:Drive app pre-installed and it provides, via the vehicle’s touchscreen, real-time coaching and gives you scores on four key criteria: acceleration, deceleration, gear changes and speed. It assigns a score for each of them, which determines your eco:Index.

A study by FCA has shown that drivers can make improvements of up to 16% in their driving efficiency. This means reductions in CO2 emissions and vehicle wear, plus substantial savings on annual fuel bills. 

eco:Drive Fleet is the corporate version of eco:Drive, developed to improve the fuel efficiency of company vehicles equipped with Uconnect.

It connects using the driver’s mobile phone and the system sends journey information to the eco:Drive server automatically, allowing the fleet manger to view the company’s fleet data at any time. It will show miles travelled, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for all the active vehicles. Drivers can see their own score separately via the eco:Drive Mobile app or using the vehicle’s Uconnect system.