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FCA will bring range to you

Corporate and SME fleets can access more than 200 vehicles with a bespoke service

FCA UK has overhauled its demo fleet programme to make it even easier to get behind the wheel of any vehicle across its five brands.

There is now a test drive pool of more than 200 vehicles, selected to maximise the range of model and engine options covered across the Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Abarth ranges.

Customers can get in touch with FCA UK’s dedicated Business Centre where they will be put in contact with the right specialist support, whether you’re a user-chooser, running an SME or a larger corporate.

Like many of its customers, FCA UK runs a large fleet of vehicles and so understands some of the challenges faced on a day-to-day basis. Ensuring the fleet is best utilised in delivering as many test drives as possible is key, but this needs to be balanced to ensure customers are given the best opportunity to fully test the range.

Simon Wheeler, FCA national corporate marketing manager, says: “We’ve reviewed the entire test fleet proposition for customers to improve the service we offer.

“Extended test drives are available on request and these can run from three days or longer dependent on the customer requirement.

“As part of the overhaul, as well as looking at the structure of our fleet, we have looked at every stage of the customer journey to ensure the experience is not only tailored, but that the booking process and confirmation, the handover process and collection is highly professional and supportive throughout.”

Wheeler adds: “Taking a test drive in a new vehicle should be exciting and we want to make sure customers can focus on enjoying their time behind the wheel rather than running into any hurdles that might hinder that.

“We’ve improved the level of information they can access before and during the test drive to help smooth that process out.”

Each vehicle will be delivered by a full-time brand ambassador who has been armed with the specific product knowledge to answer questions upon delivery or pick-up.

“We encourage all of our customers to make time available to spend with our ambassadors; not only to ensure that they are familiar with the basic controls, which is critical, but also to ensure that settings such as pairing the phone, selecting the right radio stations and seat settings have been made as well as demonstrating some of the more complex systems prior to driving,” adds Wheeler.

FCA UK is also encouraging fleets to sign up to its free Drivers Club (see page 13) to help support and reward company car drivers, regardless of whether they’re already a customer of one of its brands.

For those already driving an FCA product, there is a welcome gift, discounts on genuine accessories and a privilege purchase scheme for personal FCA car purchases.

However, all Drivers Club members will get access to exclusive test drive events and help with booking in a company car test drive for their product of choice.

Wheeler concludes: “We find that prospective customers new to the FCA brands are genuinely surprised when they get behind the wheel. Delivering a premium test drive experience to complement our exceptional fleet of vehicles is key to our continued growth through the fleet and business channels.”

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