Club membership has many exclusive offers

Aim is to reward current FCA vehicle owners and alert others to their benefits 

FCA’s Company Car Drivers Club is a members-only group offering exclusive discounts, events and access to the latest models. To join you either need to have an FCA vehicle as your company car, or drive another brand’s vehicle on business lease or business contract hire.

The club offers members the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in FCA products by participating in FCA test drive events such as Jeep off-road adventures and Alfa Romeo 48 hour test drive and Abarth track days, as well as tickets for FCA Brand events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Members will also be invited to join FCA at Company Car in Action, the UK’s biggest multi-brand fleet test-driving event which is usually only open to fleet managers.

Qualifying members may also be entitled to a 48 hour test drive direct from FCA entitling them to try out the full range of Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Jeep models to test at their leisure, without the need to visit a dealer.

The initiative is designed to reward drivers of FCA vehicles and incentivise company car drivers of competitor products to get to know the FCA product range and give it a try.

"Drivers will be able to select a welcome gift as an extra thank you for choosing an FCA vehicle"

The company car is one of the most exciting perks of a job but, whether it’s a benefit of status or an essential business tool, choosing the right car for the job is an important decision. This is especially true if you’re going to spend several years in that vehicle or going to undertake serious mileage.

Members will get to experience FCA’s multi-brand solution for company car drivers, with a range of choice from the chic and city-friendly Fiat 500 to the rugged off-road all-new Jeep Compass or the executive luxury and performance offered in the new Alfa Romeo Stelvios and Giulias.

They will further benefit from access to discounted genuine accessories for their company car. This could include a bike carrier, roof rack or even a Jeep fitted camping kit for the more adventurous.

Mopar Genuine Accessories are designed specifically for FCA products so there won’t be any problem with ill-fitted third-party accessories, which can potentially cause damage to company cars.  

FCA drivers also gain access to the Privilege Purchase scheme which offers incredible preferential deals on new cars to members looking to privately purchase a second FCA vehicle. This could be, for example, a Fiat 500 for your son or daughter or an Abarth 124 Spider for your partner.

In addition to these perks, FCA drivers will be able to select a welcome gift as an extra thank you for choosing an FCA vehicle. Gifts range from executive pens to headphones.

Choosing Jeep, Abarth, Fiat, or Alfa Romeo brings additional value to the whole company car experience.

If you are interesting in finding out more about FCA’s products or to seek more information about the club contact the FCA Business Centre on 0808 281 0001 or visit the FCA Fleet & Business page on Facebook or LinkedIn.