Andrew Tracey


A 48-hour test drive programme will expand the brand experience to a new generation of Alfa Romeo fans

User-choosers will be the driving force behind fleet sales growth for Alfa Romeo this year, as thousands of drivers are introduced to the automotive passion fuelling the brand.

The Alfa Romeo offering has been transformed in the past few years with the debut of two award-winning models that perfectly suit the fleet market – the Giulia and the Stelvio SUV.

The models, in addition to its other key offerings, Mito, Giulietta and the 4C, have seen demand for one of the world’s most iconic automotive brands rise in the UK, with sales up 2.4% last year.

This year, sales are expected to grow 50% as Stelvio makes its mark in the fleet sector in its first full year on sale.

Andrew Tracey, Sales and Marketing Director, says the focus will be on encouraging drivers to experience, first-hand, the unique combination of passion and performance of an Alfa Romeo.

He says: “This year is a landmark in the history of Alfa Romeo as customers can experience the brand’s first production SUV.

“This has opened up a major new market. We are entering one of the fastest-growing new car segments, so it will allow a whole new community of drivers to enjoy the unique Alfa Romeo ownership proposition.”

Tracey adds: “All Alfa Romeos are thoroughbreds and the Stelvio is no different. It is the best driving SUV you can get your hands on because, first and foremost, it is an Alfa Romeo and that brings an expectation about driving dynamics and performance.”

Drivers sit at the heart of any Alfa Romeo and their needs are embedded in every car’s DNA, so it is important to try the car on the road to truly understand what it can offer user-choosers.

“All Alfa Romeos are thoroughbreds and the Stelvio is no different."

To ensure company car drivers have as much time on the road with cars as possible, Alfa Romeo is launching a 48-hour fleet test drive programme.

Tracey says: “Once drivers have experienced the passion, the performance and the quality of Alfa Romeo, I’m confident we will win over new customers and build on an already loyal customer base.  

“We want to raise awareness about what Alfa Romeo ownership means to modern drivers. To achieve that, we want them to be able to really test our products and understand the passion and emotion that this brings. We need to get people to experience the brand’s sporting heritage in the cars we offer today”.

The 48-hour test drive programme will be introduced for both the Stelvio and Giulia this year and will focus on showcasing the services Alfa Romeo can provide fleets. 

This reflects the twin ambitions Tracey had when he took over as the brand’s UK ambassador last year.

Tracey adds: “The first aim was to make the brand accessible for people who have not considered it. I want them to get under the skin of Alfa Romeo, which is why the 48-hour test drive is so important. Giving drivers more access to our models on the road is vital to attracting new customers.

“Secondly, we have to deliver exceptional customer service when drivers interact with us. When people test drive our range, their impression of the company has to be excellent.”

To maintain high standards, a new director of customer experience will lead the drive for excellence across the brand.

Tracey says: “We know that when drivers jump into an Alfa Romeo for the first time, they really enjoy the exceptional driving experience. So, with this programme, I am looking forward to welcoming many more company car drivers to the brand.”