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All-encompassing Organisational Mobility

A major challenge for fleet managers over the next three years will be to develop a mobility policy that meets the needs of their entire employee base. As millennials move to more senior positions and the proportion of Generation Z in the employee base begins to accelerate, there will be growing pressure on the business mobility policy to adapt and evolve to suit the current landscape. Employees will expect usership & access to flexible mobility. They will make use of mobility options, rather than ‘owning’ them and they will expect the flexibility to deploy the right solution at the right time to suit their individual preference. A crucial element is how the company car will become part of the mobility mix, to be ‘called upon’ as and when required. This will provide employees with greater flexibility to utilise the correct vehicle for a journey or task. The developing business mobility landscape provides multiple opportunities for organisational efficiencies. Fleet managers and employers need to identify their primary objective. Is it cost efficiencies, carbon footprint reduction or employee benefits? Once identified they can begin to plan for the future mobility landscape across the entire workforce. Mobilleo is Fleetondemand's market-leading MaaS platform that can be deployed to meet business specific mobility requirements.

Contact: Matt Terry

Telephone: 0330 3115135

Email: enquiries@mobilleo.com

Take control with telematics technology

With an increase in online shopping, customers are relying on businesses drivers to bring purchases to them. Your drivers depend on the company's electric and traditional powered vehicles to help them deliver for your business, and you, as the fleet operator, need to take control with telematics technology. Telematics technology lets you see where your EV drivers are and the performance of each vehicle in real-time – all on one screen, and whenever you want, and wherever you are. The benefits of tracking are tangible, according to The Energy Savings Trust, "One company saw a 30% increase in staff productivity, and another recorded a 20% cut in accidents and a 60% reduction in speeding". Our telematics solutions FLEETLOC8 or combined video and tracking FLEETVISION provide genuine satisfaction for our clients. Our tailored tracking systems can provide an immediate and accurate view of how your EVs are doing. By having more accurate, vehicle-specific data, a company can quickly identify where to take maintenance action. And, more importantly, by having visibility of driving activities, you can feedback and improve your drivers' driving style, safety and productivity. Book a free demo today - you've nothing to lose except the cost and hassle of not tracking it!

Contact: Jamie Drummond

Telephone: 08081 961680

Email: info@fleetloc8.co.uk

Using Total Cost of Ownership to manage EVs effectively

Calculating TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for fleets is complex. Introducing EVs and other mobility solutions into the mix adds complications. How do you know which cars will hold their value/be the lowest cost to maintain and depreciate the least or, which mobility solutions will be the most cost-effective? These are just a few of the questions every fleet manager needs to answer. To do so, you need a robust fleet management system that enables you to capture, log and store data that originates from multiple sources within and outside of your organisation, plus the vehicles itself. Bynx fleet, leasing and mobility management platform delivers a set of reporting tools and dashboards that enable back-office, management and external users to process, analyse and present data in meaningful, impactful and relevant reports and documents. At its heart is a powerful engine that enables fleet segmentation, alongside the production and calculation of TCO by specific characteristics such as fuel type. Once EV TCO capability is in place, users can monitor actual income and expenditure against budget and review TCO performance using standard Bynx MI dashboards, detailed ‘dashlets’ plus typical and personalised reporting functions.

Contact: Gary Jefferies, Sales & Marketing Director

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Email: sales@bynx.com

TMC-e: Solutions to electrify your fleet

Are you keen to electrify your fleet but unsure where to start? Or are you unclear as to how well electric vehicles you already have are performing? TMC can help! Our real world data-driven solutions give you the full picture to take the uncertainty out of going electric. Using our app to capture trips, we look at the journey profile of each vehicle in your fleet to identify where electric vehicles would work well. We continue this analysis once electric vehicles are deployed to measure their impact and identify where else electric vehicles could be used successfully. We can help with charging too – in terms of both domestic charging reimbursement and public charging. We take in domestic charging data and reimburse employees for business mileage. We can help with the payment of public charging on the electric highway via our pay and reclaim and charge card solutions. To compliment the real world data and insight we provide, our consultants can help you through the whole process of going electric. From identifying your goals to helping you with all the practicalities such as vehicle purchase/funding, buying/leasing charge points and employee on-boarding. To find out more, please get in touch with us on:

Telephone: 01270 525 218

Email: reply@tmc.co.uk

Data-driven telematics solution helps take out the guesswork

Geotab supports the largest set of EV makes and models in the telematics industry. With reliable data and qualified insights, our customers can be confident in how their electric vehicles will perform. Geotab telematics can provide insight into EV performance questions for fleets to help them successfully implement EV adoption strategies. With robust reporting capabilities, Geotab then helps fleet optimise operations with unique insights into their EVs performance for comprehensive fleet management. We’ve analysed over 5 million EV driving trips from over 6000 unique EVs, representing 1.8 million days of data to develop our management tools. Our Battery Degradation Tool and Temperature Tool for EV Range provide our customers with real-world insights that help them make informed decisions about transitioning to EVs. And, our Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment gives our customers the confidence to choose the right EVs for the job. Plus, with unparalleled support for more than 100 EV makes and models, you can rest assured your entire fleet is covered and performing at its best.

Telephone: +44 (0) 800 088 5482

Email: infouki@geotab.com