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It's time for businesses to implement their e-mobility strategy

Previous transport minister, Rachel Mclean, commented that electric vehicle uptake was not fast enough and relied on the rollout of an 'adequate' charging infrastructure.

Supporting this, Government legislation suggests that in 2022, law will stipulate all newly constructed homes, offices and workplaces should provide electric charging facilities. What's more there is likely to be continuing support for businesses to benefit from grants and subsidies. So, along with the push to stop sales of petrol and diesel engine vehicles by 2035, now is the time to consider an electric fleet.

However, we are still seeing concern from many fleet decision makers that vehicles aren't suitable for the job and implementing a charging infrastructure is too complicated. This is where we come in.

Mobilize Power Solutions works with OEMS, fleet vehicle providers, businesses' and public sector to provide a complete turnkey solution that helps e-mobility strategies get off the ground. With today's electric vehicles that have sufficient range to accommodate most jobs and the technology to rapid charge, combined with our charging infrastructure solutions – including site surveys, hardware and back-office software that monitors costs, behaviour and capacity management – there is no excuse not to drive electric.

Adequate? Together we can do better!

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Maximising idle company vehicles

The impact of the pandemic meant company cars coming to the end of their lease were returned, without a replacement immediately provided. Other vehicles – with lengthy lease periods still to run – were parked back at the office to become part of the pool car fleet. Now as business gets back on the road and employees need flexible mobility solutions, the challenge for fleet and business travel managers is how to maximise the vehicle assets sitting in their car parks.

The innovative technology behind the Ubeeqo platform, Europcar Mobility Group’s car sharing brand, which manages thousands of vehicles used by motorists around the world, is providing the answer.

By installing its ‘tap and go’ technology into pool cars, with management of the fleet delivered through its car share platform, Ubeeqo is playing a crucial role in helping businesses maximise use of the vehicles they already have on-site. And this is not only tackling pool car utilisation, but also ensuring that employees have access to vehicles that are fit for purpose, rather than relying on grey fleet.

Find out how Ubeeqo’s car sharing tech can help maximise the utilisation of your idle company vehicles.

Contact: Carl Pittam Email: carl.pittam@europcar.com