2030 looms large in the headlights of all fleet cars and the thoughts of fleet managers – as the countdown to comply with this new future increases.

Yet, after driving the latest models for this issue, such as the Audi Q4 e-Tron and Hyundai’s game-changing IONIQ 5, I’m more convinced that the future is bright and EV-powered. No longer early adoption curios, these and others from the latest round of EV launches are attractive mainstream options that actually make you want to own one – rather than just feeling like you need to or ought to.

At EV Fleet World we remain committed to making EVs the mainstream fleet choice, by making the transition as smooth as it can be. However, manufacturers need to play their part in the process, too. Nissan sells the most EVs in true fleet, with the Leaf car and e-NV200 commercial. So, in this issue we talk to fleet director, Peter McDonald, about the brand’s plans for corporate EV sales and how Nissan is well-positioned for the 2030 ICE ban.

Having successful policies in place will also be key to company car EV adoption. So we’ve asked the experts advice on how to create a successful EV fleet policy, check out page 19 for all of the details.

Our new Fundamentals section will clear up myths about EV adoption and answer your questions, including which powertrain options are right for your fleet and how you can get your drivers on board.

I hope you enjoy this issue and make sure you check out the latest news on the final page - plus we always welcome suggestions of any other topics you would like covered in future issues.

Martyn Collins Editor

Geotab is proud to be sponsoring this edition of EV Fleet World. As the world transitions to electric vehicles to meet net-zero carbon emissions and local sustainability goals, it is more important than ever to leverage a data-driven telematics solution. The competitive advantage of electrifying your fleets will only increase with time and we understand the importance of fleet electrification, and all the benefits that come with it.

While the idea of transitioning your fleet can seem like a lot of work, keep in mind that it is a gradual process and does not need to be complicated. Start by replacing a few vehicles at a time and go from there before a large-scale adoption. From here, it is easier than ever to increase the benefits of your investment with the help of telematics data. Through data-driven insights, fleet managers can optimise routes to ensure the electric vehicles can complete their daily duty cycles without the need to stop and charge.

The United Kingdom is on its journey to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The government’s ban on the sale of new ICE vehicles by 2030 is only one or two service life cycles away. As such, the importance of electrifying your fleet grows each day. Luckily, the benefits of electrifying your fleet are significant. Not only are you eligible for the plug-in grant government program to reduce the upfront cost, but the following as well:

● Operational cost saving, including on electricity and maintenance costs ● Customer, employee and investor support of EV fleets ● Avoidance of penalties or fees in jurisdictions with zero-emission zones ● Reduced GHG emissions

By electrifying, you are also helping promote sustainability efforts. Electric vehicles are helping tackle climate change across the globe each day. Emitting fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gases, EVs help more than just individual organisations.

To simplify the electrification process, Geotab offers an Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA). The assessment allows fleets to determine which vehicles are the best candidates for a transition to EV using telematics data. An EVSA evaluates your current fleet and helps create a blueprint for electrification. Additionally, fleets receive the following benefits of an EVSA:

● Forecast of fleet-wide cost savings ● Determine range capabilities specific to your fleet’s needs ● Projected GHG reduction

To stay ahead of the curve, begin researching and investigating the various tools available. Electrify and operate your fleet with confidence, knowing you have a partner on your side that can work with you through the full electrification journey, and with the support for the widest set of EV makes and models. Get started by learning about Geotab’s EVSA now.

Together, it is our collective responsibility to help the world become a better place to live in. For ourselves, and for future generations.

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