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Calibration services by remote technicians

The demands of the new Insurance Industry Requirements for the safe and accurate repair of ADAS-equipped vehicles, has led asTech® to introduce its cutting-edge, patented device linked to OEM tools and to aftermarket solutions, enabling its ADAS trained technicians to support bodyshops and SMR centres in conducting ADAS calibration, OEM scans, diagnostics and resets. The service allows shops to reduce the need to move vehicles to a dealership, minimising environmental impacts and helping bodyshops improve and enhance vehicle repair cycle times.

The comprehensive remote service is based on the asTech® device which performs the functions required by today’s bodyshops and service centres. It leverages easy-to-use OE scanning tools to provide full vehicle scans, clearing of fault codes and calibrations on sensors, lidars and radars.

The OE tools guarantee that every fault code is recorded within the full scan and is managed, and the calibrations are completed aligned with OE standards and requirements 100 per cent of the time. A full report is then sent on completion of the job to show exactly what has been carried out.

Contact: Richard Taylor

Email: r.taylor@astech.com


Simplify paying for fleet electric vehicle charging with Mina

Are you one of the many UK fleets making the switch to electric vehicles?

Employees will likely be charging their fleet vehicles at home, but paying them back for the energy they use can be painful. Some solutions involve manual expense claims or inaccurate mileage rates - but now there's Mina!

Our payment solution accurately pays each drivers' energy supplier directly for the cost of charging their EV at home. We even track changes in suppliers!

We're hardware agnostic so we can integrate with all the major charge point brands, and employees can submit their business miles at the end of each month via the Mina Driver Dashboard.

If your employees need to charge on the go, we have thousands of public charge points within our network which can be accessed using one single RFID card.

So unlike other solutions, there’s NO expenses to claim, nothing to claim back through payroll and no administrative costs for the business. Instead, at the end of each month, you'll receive one accurate invoice that covers BOTH home and public charging, and your drivers don’t pay a thing.

This makes paying for EV charging simpler and cheaper for employers and employees.

Contact: Carl Stanton, head of sales Email: sales@mina.co.uk

EV Mobility and Infrastructure need to work hand in hand

From choosing the right vehicles for your business needs, to ensuring that you’re not tied into long term contracts as technology changes, the vehicles themselves are by no means the end of the story when transitioning your fleet to EVs. This raises some new challenges for the fleets of tomorrow. Electric Vehicles are changing the status quo that the industry has been used to for decades.

EVs need to form part of a wider mobility solution; which means considering all aspects such as initial outlay, running cost versus ICE, charging needs at home/work/on the go. Navigating tax considerations for your employees for the vehicles as well as how the electricity used both at the employees home and work can be paid for within current and future tax rules.

As part of this, it makes sense to work with a supplier that can work with you and offer a complete turnkey solution. With our recent acquisition of infrastructure specialists ChargedEV, and recruitment of EV Specialist Consultants and fully EV capable workshops, we can offer you the support, consultation and solutions that you need, in addition to the vehicles.

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