Providing reassurance on range

By David Savage, vice president, UK and Ireland, Geotab. As we saw at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham at the end of May, more and more vans are turning electric. But range anxiety remains a real issue.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) warned that more than half (57%) of all van owners are anxious about switching to electric vehicles. Their main fear is they won’t be able to find a charging point when they need it.

More than a third of all new van models are now available with a plug, but only one in 20 drivers will switch to battery power in 2022, according to the society’s survey.

We need the reassurance that comes from effective route planning. If fleet managers and drivers are certain that they can complete a journey within range – or have the capacity to recharge en route – then range anxiety is no longer a problem.

The good news from the SMMT is that 88% of van drivers say they will move to electric before 2035. Greater access to charging points is the one area that would convince them to make the move earlier.

As we say at Geotab, you can only manage what you can measure. That’s why it’s no good rely-ing on guesswork and it’s essential that EVs have the in-cab data to ensure a successful journey.

That’s why telematics will become the sure-fire way to ensure EVs can complete a journey within range and on time. Drivers will be able to access charging points as and when required. The new EV route planning will provide all the reassurance they need for an electric future.