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Getting EVs into fleets via subscription models – a new strategic role for fleet suppliers. Fleet owners or operators may be reluctant to bring electric vehicles into their fleets because of the risky commitment to something they’re not sure is right for them. Flexible solutions, such as vehicle subscription, flexi-lease or rental, offers the opportunity to try before they buy – without the long-term obligation. A subscription model typically has everything included, such as maintenance, tyres, insurance, in one package. Fleet owners can end or extend the subscription whenever they want. Alongside removing risk, some specialist providers will offer attractive subscriptions on nearly-new EVs as they “multi-cycle” these assets. For the Fleet operator it can be a way of accessing high-spec, reliable EVs at advantageous rates. However, managing a flexible offering calls for a flexible fleet management solution, like Bynx, that maintains best practices while enabling delivery of high levels of customer satisfaction. It requires different management policies and practices to standard vehicle leasing and needs specific financing controls, such as divergent cashflow and payment models. Such a platform must enable fleet suppliers to control margins on all the supplementary services – it’s one thing to provide them and another to keep it financially viable. Overall, we believe it’s worth doing but with the right systems and processes in place.

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