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How can businesses combat the rising fuel prices?

You can’t switch on the television or read a newspaper without hearing about the constantly rising petrol prices. The company’s bottom line is being heavily affected; fleetmaxx Solutions are here to help!

Fleetmaxx Solutions are fuel card specialists. Our expert team listen to your company’s needs and find the perfect fuel card to suit you, providing you with discount fuel prices.

Fleetmaxx Solutions can help companies transition from diesel engines to electric vehicles. Our MaxxEV solution is a package of products to help businesses make the switch seamless. MaxxEV incorporates all their EV charging costs with their diesel and petrol bills on one invoice to help them transition at their own pace.

The MaxxEV solution is unique as it is suitable for home & public charging. MaxxEv allows drivers to take their vehicles homes to charge at no cost to the driver. Whilst saving the business over 50% on public charging costs. Can’t facilitate home charging? Our Chargepass® card provides you access to thousands of EV charge ports across the UK. Tap the charge point to activate the charge when they’re on the road.

Our MaxxEV solution makes the daunting switch simple!

Pro-activity is key to accelerating electric vehicle uptake

As the choice of electric cars grows, businesses need to be more proactive than ever in encouraging drivers into low or zero emission vehicles. Creating a car policy that offers the best possible choice of battery (BEV) and plug in hybrid (PHEV) cars is key, and it’s also important to present clear facts to drivers about moving to electric. Grosvenor Leasing’s 0Zone team, which has been supporting companies with the move to ULEVs and EVs for 5 years, is encouraging customers to look at whole life costs for their policies as it provides a far better reflection of the true financial picture for ultra-low emission and electric vehicles. The initial on road cost of PHEVS and BEVs is typically higher than traditional petrol or diesel cars, but during their entire time on fleet they work out to be more cost-effective, which is why whole life costs provide a more realistic financial assessment to base decisions on. Once the policy is in place, and the drivers are on board with the process, the transition to a zero emission future can take care of itself, and in a recent survey, half of Grosvenor Leasing’s customers said that over 60% of their orders in 2022 would be plug in hybrid or fully electric cars.

Telephone: 01536 536 536

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Fleet electrification

Seeing the wood for the trees

In a dynamically changing commercial EV market, it is understandable that some fleet owners are having difficulty seeing the wood for the trees. Decarbonisation objectives from the Board Room must somehow translate into the reality of van fleet electrification by 2030. Practicalities of achieving this are complex and coordination across the organisation is essential to a solution that is fit-for-purpose, operationally seamless and minimises risk and cost.

Flexible Power Systems (“FPS”) is a leader in this field – we blend software and engineering, AI, data analysis and energy market expertise into a fleet electrification solution that deals with this complexity, from planning through deployment to operations – impartially, optimally, objectively by site location. Our integrated solution uniquely addresses energy and power use, site prioritisation, vehicle and charger selection, operational and software requirements. Customer-tailored dashboards tell managers what they need to know, when they need to know it, to manage their transition choices and business operations with clarity.

We offer holistic hybrid solutions combining advanced technology like wireless charging used in our Waitrose and City of Edinburgh Council projects alongside standard wired charger solutions. The technology mix is always tailored to our customers’ needs.

FPS impartially de-risks and optimises electrification.

Contact: Michael Ayres, Managing Director

Telephone: +44 7714 513 653

Email: Michael.Ayres@flexpowerltd.com

Plug&Charge – new level of EV charging for EV fleet

Hubject is the leading interoperability platform for eMobility that started working on the implementation of the Plug&Charge technology based on the open and global standard ISO15118. Based on this technology, the driver does not need to do anything more than plug the car into a charging station to launch the charging session. The Plug&Charge technology ensures a secure authentication via public key infrastructures and secure communications between data pools. The vehicle and the charging station exchange data are signed and/or encrypted via certificates. The charging session begins only after both counterparts successfully pass the certificate validations.

Plug&Charge is a cutting-edge technology, which is, amongst other use cases, also the perfect solution for EV fleet management. The technology streamlines the charging experience and surpasses the ease of fuelling gas- or diesel-powered vehicles; with the potential to streamline all relevant post-charging activities like financial settlement and billing. Fleet users do not need to choose the contract for charging to pay the travel expenses immediately at the charging station on their own. The fleet operator can create a contract certificate for each vehicle. These contracts can be mapped on the company and not on individuals. The EV fleet management receives the invoices with the costs associated with the completed charging sessions. The drivers get a smooth EV charging experience and do not have to worry about billing.

The mass adoption of Plug&Charge is on its way, and we see it in the growing interest from all market players. Each year, more car manufacturers join the ecosystem to deliver top-level charging experiences to their customers, e.g. VW ID Series in Q1 2022. In Europe and the US, major companies such as IONITY, ARAL, Electrify America, BayWa, MER, has2be, Virta, Driivz and others implement the protocol on their charging stations. Plug&Charge responds to the security challenges and market needs, which are growing with the general mass EV adoption.

And you? What are you waiting for to implement Plug&Charge for your fleet? Get in contact with us: www.hubject.com/plug-and-charge

Contact: Alessandra Bosco

Telephone: +49 1627730436

Email: alessandra.bosco@hubject.com

EV Mobility and Infrastructure need to work hand in hand

From choosing the right vehicles for your business needs, to ensuring that you’re not tied into long term contracts as technology changes, the vehicles themselves are by no means the end of the story when transitioning your fleet to EVs. This raises some new challenges for the fleets of tomorrow. Electric Vehicles are changing the status quo that the industry has been used to for decades.

EVs need to form part of a wider mobility solution; which means considering all aspects such as initial outlay, running cost versus ICE, charging needs at home/work/on the go. Navigating tax considerations for your employees for the vehicles as well as how the electricity used both at the employees home and work can be paid for within current and future tax rules.

As part of this, it makes sense to work with a supplier that can work with you and offer a complete turnkey solution. With our recent acquisition of infrastructure specialists ChargedEV, and recruitment of EV Specialist Consultants and fully EV capable workshops, we can offer you the support, consultation and solutions that you need, in addition to the vehicles.

Telephone: 0330 042 0903

TMC-e: Solutions to electrify your fleet

Are you keen to electrify your fleet but unsure where to start? Or are you unclear as to how well electric vehicles you already have are performing? TMC can help! Our real world data-driven solutions give you the full picture to take the uncertainty out of going electric. Using our app to capture trips, we look at the journey profile of each vehicle in your fleet to identify where electric vehicles would work well. We continue this analysis once electric vehicles are deployed to measure their impact and identify where else electric vehicles could be used successfully. We can help with charging too – in terms of both domestic charging reimbursement and public charging. We take in domestic charging data and reimburse employees for business mileage. We can help with the payment of public charging on the electric highway via our pay and reclaim and charge card solutions. To compliment the real world data and insight we provide, our consultants can help you through the whole process of going electric. From identifying your goals to helping you with all the practicalities such as vehicle purchase/funding, buying/leasing charge points and employee on-boarding. To find out more, please get in touch with us on:

Telephone: 01270 525 218

Email: reply@tmc.co.uk

Take control with telematics technology

With an increase in online shopping, customers are relying on businesses drivers to bring purchases to them. Your drivers depend on the company's electric and traditional powered vehicles to help them deliver for your business, and you, as the fleet operator, need to take control with telematics technology. Telematics technology lets you see where your EV drivers are and the performance of each vehicle in real-time – all on one screen, and whenever you want, and wherever you are. The benefits of tracking are tangible, according to The Energy Savings Trust, "One company saw a 30% increase in staff productivity, and another recorded a 20% cut in accidents and a 60% reduction in speeding". Our telematics solutions FLEETLOC8 or combined video and tracking FLEETVISION provide genuine satisfaction for our clients. Our tailored tracking systems can provide an immediate and accurate view of how your EVs are doing. By having more accurate, vehicle-specific data, a company can quickly identify where to take maintenance action. And, more importantly, by having visibility of driving activities, you can feedback and improve your drivers' driving style, safety and productivity. Book a free demo today - you've nothing to lose except the cost and hassle of not tracking it!

Contact: Jamie Drummond

Telephone: 08081 961680

Email: info@fleetloc8.co.uk