With every issue of EV Fleet World Digital, it becomes increasingly obvious that we are at, or very close to, the fabled tipping point for EV vehicles and fleet.

The choice of models has increased – most obviously over the last year – and both upfront and running costs are coming down, supported by beneficial Benefit-in-Kind tax rates and a range of incentives.

Along with an improved charging structure, the only other hurdle to overcome for mass EV adoption is driver opt-in – and newly published research from Nissan shows we’re at a tipping point here too.

The brand’s most comprehensive investigation into habits of EV drivers to date, the survey of 7,000 motorists across Europe, split evenly between EV and ICE drivers, found that 70% of European drivers said they would choose an EV as their next car.

The most popular reason for drivers considering the change was the environmental benefits offered by a zero-emissions vehicle, cited by nearly half (49%) of respondents.

Drivers who have already made the switch seem very happy with their choice too; 89% said it was the right decision while 74% said they found EVs more relaxing, and 77% highlighting that they’re smoother to drive than an ICE-powered vehicle.

And while the charging network isn’t where it needs to be for EVs yet – something we’ve highlighted in previous issues of EVFWD – 97% of EV drivers said they had found the transition from ICE to EV “as expected” or “easier”. Promising for those who are just embarking on their own electrification journey.

As always, EVFWD is focused on making that journey smoother – for both drivers and fleet operators. To that end, we’re including a Q&A with David Savage, regional manager for the UK & Ireland at Geotab – sponsor of this issue – about the challenges facing fleet as they make the move to EV, as well as tests of the latest vehicles.

I hope that you enjoy this issue – make sure you check out the latest news on the final page – and please let us know if there’s any subjects you’d like covered in a future issue.

Martyn Collins Editor

Geotab is proud to be sponsoring this edition of EV Fleet World. Electrification is a topic that we’ve been passionate about for quite some time and we’re committed to helping fleets and fleet managers discover the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) for themselves. One of our key business goals is to support fleets with their transition to electric vehicles in line with the 2030 Government targets.

For some fleets, making the switch to electric is straightforward, but we recognise that for many others, it’s a gradual process and it may be difficult to get started. To help you get started with the process, we’ve developed a free tool - the Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment. Armed with the knowledge of which vehicles in their fleet can easily be replaced today with electric, the assessment gives companies an easy way to introduce EVs – or even just test the viability of EVs in key roles.

Asking the right questions to your telematics provider is crucial to the electrification journey. That’s why we help you to consider the following:

● What recommendations for fleet electrification can be made from your existing fleet data? ● What is the basic EV driving and charging data needed to understand performance? ● Is it possible to expand the charging network and make it smarter? ● Can my telematics system be customised for my fleet’s specific charging needs? ● Will my telematics system support electric vehicles now and in the future?

UK fleets will be the catalyst for the transition to EV and are estimated to represent half of all EV sales by 2030.This accelerated timeline leaves fleet managers with only two renewal cycles before the 2030 deadline. With a recent PwC report indicating that the majority of UK fleets have transitioned less than 5% of their fleets, there is pressure on fleet managers to develop the right strategy and make the right transitional choices.

At Geotab, we are well positioned to support fleets with EVs and those considering making the switch. With over 13 years’ experience helping fleets transition to EVs, a world-leading open platform for telematics, and a team of experts in this area, fleet managers can have confidence that working with Geotab would be the right choice...