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SOGO provides ultra-flexible leasing available from just one month

Short-term leasing is essential to the mass adoption of electric vehicles, according to new mobility provider SOGO.

The company argues that motorists who can use an electric vehicle for a month on a short lease will be convinced by the low running costs and driving dynamics. More than 35% of its fleet will be electric vehicles.

Karl Howkins, managing director of SOGO, said: “Sales of new electric cars are increasing exponentially with some fleet companies reporting they account for 30% of all sales. However, private motorists and smaller fleet owners will still face concerns around range anxiety and using new technology.

“The ability to use an electric car for a month or two will overcome driver concerns and accelerate the adoption of this important technology ahead of the ban on ICE vehicles in 2030.”

SOGO provides ultra-flexible service with leases available from one month to twelve months. The latest technology will provide a digital-led service that will allow customers to order a vehicle in a matter of minutes. It is operating nationally from a network of logistics hubs.

Customers can benefit from a subscription model that includes comprehensive insurance, maintenance, EV charging choices and industry-leading flexibility.

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