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EV Range Anxiety? The solution from AFF

AFF Holdings Limited specialise in niche roadside assistance programs for the insurance market and motoring breakdown organisations. Saving our customers time and money through disruptive techniques, such as 24/7 misfuelled vehicle repair and universal fitment spare wheels.

We now provide 24/7 roadside EV charging, from our national fleet of vans. The problem can be a result of drivers misjudging the amount of charge required for a journey, or planning around a fixed charge point that, upon arrival, isn't working. With 7kw devices, we can a provide a 10–15-mile range within half an hour, enough to get a stranded driver on to the next working charge point.

Contact: Bruce Compton

Email: info@recharge.uk.net

The need for a new kind of fleet management platform

Aside from the all-important environmental merit, EVs can provide a host of benefits when introduced into fleets but they need to be managed correctly and differently to traditional-engine vehicles to fully realise these benefits.

Your fleet management platform must enable you to easily identify EVs when viewing the fleet mix so that you can proactively set and manage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), location and utilisation. Purchase and leasing costs may be higher initially but fuel, SMR and depreciation could be lower over the vehicle’s lifetime.

Battery optimisation must also be managed, whether you decide to lease, buy or employ a subscription model, to ensure you maximise the TCO opportunities and avoid any end of use contractual charges. Managing a subscription model as part of vehicle lifetime costs is new and complex and many fleet management platforms are not configured to support it.

Bynx contains the capability and functionality to administer EVs within the fleet mix, which means EV fleet management is optimised from the start.

Contact: Gary Jefferies, sales & marketing director

Telephone: +44 (0) 1789 471600

Email: sales@bynx.com

Switch to EVs to save costs and meet sustainability goals

As many countries across the world begin realising the importance of being sustainable, fleets are transitioning to electric vehicles to meet local pollution and net zero carbon goals, and to save overall costs.

Geotab is at the forefront of this sustainability initiative and supports over a 100 makes and models of EVs, the largest in the telematics industry. Using insights from reliable data, our customers can take the guesswork out of figuring out how well electric vehicles will perform. Geotab telematics provides qualified insights regarding EV performance questions for fleets to help them implement successful EV adoption strategies.

Our Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment gives our customers the insights and confidence to choose the right EVs for the job. With over 5 million EV driving trips analysed, using 6,000 unique EVs and representing 1.8 million days of data to develop our management tools, Geotab is committed to helping you assure your entire fleet is sustainable, optimised and running as cost efficient as possible.

Telephone: +44 (0) 800 088 5482

Email: infouki@geotab.com