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4 Grey Fleet is still a challenge

Most of the organisations surveyed (72.6%) said they allow employees to use their own vehicles for business, and almost half (45.7%) provide cash allowances in lieu of a company car. Those statistics were higher where organisations had recently scaled down their car fleets; at 90.0% and 70.0% respectively. Almost a fifth (18.5%) of those with no company car scheme reported offering cash alternatives instead.

Fleet managers are important here, too. Three-quarters (74.7%) of organisations with a fleet manager said grey fleet vehicles were subject to roadworthiness checks, compared to 66.7% of those without one.

5 Mobility credits are uncommon

Covid has radically changed the way businesses operate, and the Government’s travel surveys suggest public transport usage is recovering more slowly than road traffic. A quarter of respondents said they are now using rentals more frequently, but mobility credits are still an uncommon alternative to company cars, offered by just 5.1% of those surveyed. Most said there was neither the demand nor use cases to support doing so.

Most respondents said they were increasing the share of low-carbon vehicles on their fleets