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6 Environmental pressure is mounting

Cars and vans accounted for a fifth of the UK’s CO2 emissions in 2019, and they’re at the centre of the regulatory radar as the Government pushes for net zero by 2050. In the meantime, two-thirds (66.2%) said they are operating within a Clean Air Zone or will be soon.

Most of those surveyed (66.7%) said they are increasing the share of low-carbon vehicles on their fleet. However, only a handful are actively monitoring their CO2 emissions.

Organisations without a fleet manager were also significantly less likely to be utilising telematics or route optimisation software to help lessen their environmental impact.

7 Electrification plans are well underway

The phase-out of non-hybrid cars and vans by 2030, and combustion engine models five years later, affects all fleets. Half of those surveyed (51.0%) already have electrification plans in place and most of those organisations (70.0%) added that they are confident they will be ahead of the Government’s deadlines.